Ziqiang Pan
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)
Honorary President of the CSRP
Ziqiang Pan, a member of the main commission of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) and has been the Chinese representative of UNSCEAR since 1996. He carried out a wide range of research work in radiation protection monitoring technologies, and set forth China's scientific framework of health physics. He contributes to radiation protection standards, nuclear accident emergency and radioactive waste safety in China.
Roger Coates
President of International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) 
Roger Coates has extensive radiological protection experience across the whole field of operations, environment and the underpinning standards and science. He has made a direct contribution to national and international radiation protection standards through work with the UK Health and Safety Commissions Advisory Committees, IAEA and ICRP. He was a Member of the ICRP Task Group on Occupational Exposure and a co-author of the resulting ICRP Publication 75.
Yican Wu
Director of Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, CAS
Yican Wu, the Director of Key Lab. of Neutronics and Radiation Safety, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). His research involves nuclear science and engineering, nuclear safety and other interdisciplinary research. He has been serving as an expert member in international organizations, such as the IAEA, ITER, International Energy Agency (IEA), etc.
Loannis Giomataris
Research Director of CEA Saclay
Loannis Giomataris graduated from Orsay University with Ph.D. in 1980, and now is working as research director at the CEA Saclay, France. His research interests involve particle detectors, low energy neutrino physics, and  'invisible' solar axion search, etc.
Senlin Liu
Chief Expert on Nuclear and Radiation Safety, CNNC
Vice President of the CSRP

Senlin Liu, a member of the main commission of ICRP, and the Chinese deputy representative of UNSCEAR. His research involves public radiation protection, aerial radiation monitoring, minimum of radioactive waste, application of artificial intelligence in radiation safety and protection, and compilation of international standards on radiation safety and protection.

Maria Grazia PIA
Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)
Maria Grazia Pia's research field covers radiation detection, detectors, experimental nuclear physics, nuclear structure, nuclear reactions, nuclear astrophysics and cross section analysis.
Chan Hyeong KIM
Professor of Hanyang University

Chan Hyeong KIM graduated from Texas A&M University with Ph.D in 1998. His research field involves radiation detection, measurement, imaging, individual particle tracking-based gamma and proton imaging, and computational human phantoms for 4D monte carlo simulations, etc.

David Wehe

Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at University of Michigan

David Wehe worked at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a Wigner Fellow, and served as Director of the Michigan Phoenix Memorial Project, which included the 2-MW Ford Nuclear Reactor. His teaching and research have focused on applied radiation measurements, and he is an editor for Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research.

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